Retirement may seem like a long way off, but putting money into superannuation now is still a tax effective way to invest your money. No matter what your stage of life, everyone should be thinking about Superannuation. To explain it simply, Superannuation is a way of saving. It’s a ‘tax structure’ with highly favourable tax rates. It’s designed to encourage you to save for your retirement and help support your lifestyle when you stop working.




It’s an excellent way to invest money for your future and make the most of your investment dollars to generate the income you will need once you retire. For many Australians, it is the key to a secure and financially independent retirement. If you are aged between 18 and 70 and earn more than $450 per month, your employer is generally required to contribute to a super fund on your behalf, known as the Superannuation Guarantee.


It’s also one of the most tax-effective means of creating retirement wealth. Those who hold a super fund benefit from tax concessions that apply to contributions, to earnings within the fund and to the accumulated benefit. As super is a long term investment where all earnings are reinvested and any returns compounded, the earlier you begin making contributions, the more effective your super will become in retirement.


In addition to all the tax advantages of investing in a super environment, you can access your super completely tax free after you turn 60.


Are you on track for the retirement lifestyle you want?


How much money do you currently have in savings and how long will your savings last? Use the ASIC Money Smart Superannuation Calculator to check your progress.


Do you want help getting your savings on track for the retirement lifestyle you want or do you have a savings shortfall?


How can we help you?


We can help you maximise your income in retirement, whether you’re:

  • a long way off retirement
  • close to retirement
  • already retired.

We can review your current superannuation in relation to your goals and individual circumstances as well as the insurances held inside the super fund. Once we have an understanding of this, we can advise you on appropriate strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.


If you’d like to discuss Superannuation or strategies to help you boost your super, Contact Us today.