Love What You Do

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

6 Reasons Why We Love What We Do.

#1 We enjoy helping people. We care about people. We get to help them plan for and protect their future. We love the challenge of working out solutions for clients.

#2 We love talking to people about what they do, how they do what they do, why they do what they do and what their passions and dreams are. We enjoy watching people grow their businesses and take on new goals and challenges.

#3 We love the variety of what we do. No two clients are the same. Every day brings new and unique things to do.

#4 We get to build our skills and experience. We are always reading, training, upskilling and learning new things. We know we will never know all there is to know about insurance.

#5 We are part of a community of like-minded professional people. We work with a great team in a relationship-driven industry where we have to work on our people skills to do well. Every day is a new opportunity to develop relationships with people from all walks of life.

#6 We are part of our local community. There is a lot of satisfaction in helping people when they need help the most, putting their lives back together after a loss or managing something quite traumatic. We like to think of our clients like family and treat them the way we would like someone to treat us or our family members.


Learning how to do what you love is key to fulfillment in life. The trick is to be really true to your purpose as it relates to your life’s work. This is the key to why we love what we do. We’re proud ambassadors for the insurance industry and we find fulfillment in helping people and in staying true to our values and purpose. It’s why we do what we do.


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Published On: May 27th, 2016Categories: Reg Leis Insurance Services

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