Insurance claims happen.

We know you buy insurance for protection and peace of mind and one of the benefits of using our services is having us assist you with your claim.

We understand making a claim can be stressful, but rest assured we’re here to help you.

On this page are some important first steps you should take immediately after any loss, circumstance, event, injury and/or damage.

Contact our team to make a claim

The sooner your insurer is advised of a loss, circumstance, injury and/or damage, the sooner they can conduct the necessary enquiries in order to protect your interests.

Our team of insurance professionals will work with you throughout the entire claims process to get you back on your feet as soon as possible and with minimum inconvenience.

In an emergency after hours situation, please call 0407 586 457

Claims Process

See how we can help you

We are committed to understanding your needs and focused on providing you with quality advice, personalised service and tailored solutions to help you make informed decisions about protection for your business and assets.