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Estate Planning is about peace of mind, protection for your loved ones and ensuring your wealth is preserved and effectively transferred to your designated successors.

Estate planning is the process of arranging your affairs now to ensure there is an efficient and effective distribution of your estate after your death. An estate plan is designed to help to protect your family and loved ones by passing control and ownership of your ‘estate’ assets and interests to the right people in a timely way in the most tax-efficient manner. In the process you want to protect the assets and interests you wish to distribute.

It involves a full understanding of your assets and your plans for both family and business wealth and asset transfer. It’s usually a team effort and we work closely with other professional advisers to assist you.

Developing an effective estate plan will ensure that:

  • Any tax payable is minimised

  • The ownership of assets passes to the right beneficiaries

  • The assets are protected if any beneficiary has any legal issues

  • Business continuity and succession is well managed

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Estate Planning is becoming more complex as family units change and involves a lot more than simply having a will. It is an important part of your overall financial plan and shouldn’t be left to chance. There are a number of questions you need to think about, and have addressed appropriately, to be confident that what you want to happen actually does.

  • Is it important to leave money to the kids or just the house?

  • Are there special needs or bequeaths you want addressed?

  • Who do you want to be your voice if you can no longer speak?

  • Are there any business or family issues that might need to be addressed?

How can we help you?

Our discussion with you involves:

  • Establishing a Will

  • Powers Of Attorney

  • Testamentary Trusts

  • Super Beneficiaries

  • Business and Personal Asset Protection

My world fell apart at that moment of diagnosis. As I the battled for my life, knowing that my financial worries were taken care of by trauma insurance let me get on with fighting that fight. Reg took care of everything quickly, and with care, concern, and compassion. My clearest memory is that none of the official meetings felt like a business transaction. Reg visited at my home, we had a chat, shared a cuppa and got it all done … on my timeline.


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