If something happened to you – would you be covered financially?

We provide Personal Insurance advice to help you financially protect yourself and your family in case anything unforseen happens. While many Australians insure their car and their home and contents, they tend to overlook their most important asset – themselves and their ability to earn an income. Most of us rely on our income to maintain our lifestyle and financial commitments and our earning capacity is typically the basis of our wealth. It makes sense to protect your financial future with Personal Insurance.

Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance can ensure that during an emotional time you and your family would cope financially to cover debts, daily living expenses and lifestyle costs, helping to ease financial pressure and stress. While there are a range of options to consider, it’s important to discuss the benefits and suitability of these. We can help you to determine which cover is required for your needs, and how much cover is enough to ensure you are adequately protected.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is all about providing you and your loved ones with enough funds to maintain your current lifestyle if something unforseen happens to you. The types and amount of cover required is different for everyone. We can advise you on the right amount of cover to suit your personal circumstances.

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance is the most important ‘living’ insurance cover you can have. Why? Because without your income, you cannot continue to pay your mortgage, put food on the table or carry on life financially. Income Protection Insurance provides a regular earnings replacement if you suffer an illness or injury and are temporarily unable to work. This will help you maintain your family’s lifestyle until you are able to return to work.

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance provides a lump sum payment if you suffer an illness or injury and are permanently unable to work. This will help you maintain your current lifestyle while paying the additional expenses that arise as a result of an ongoing illness or injury.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum payment if you suffer one of a list of major medical traumas (cancer, stroke, heart attack etc) and will help you obtain the best medical and rehabilitation care. There can be significant differences between different insurance policies and no more so than Trauma. Approximately 80% of claims paid out for Trauma are for Cancer; Stroke; or Heart Attack and having an affordable, quality policy is key. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a trauma event, this insurance can make a significant difference to how you cope with it financially, both while you are acutely affected by the trauma event, but equally importantly to give you financial options after the event occurs.

If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that whatever happens in the future you and your family have taken steps to be financially secure, we can help. Contact Us today to make an obligation-free appointment with one of our financial advisers.


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