Why use an Insurance Broker?

Well, to put it simply…we 100% work for you!

I went to a marketing workshop yesterday and, as part of the workshop, I had to ask someone I hadn’t met before what they knew about my industry, why they would use our services and what they were likely to ‘google’ when looking for our services. There were a couple of things I learnt from this exercise.

1. People do not really understand what an insurance broker does. (You’re like iSelect aren’t you…ummm…no!)

2. People really do make decisions on price only.  (You give just one quote don’t you?….ummm….no! We get a number of quotes and compare not just price but cover as well!)

3. People get their quote/renewal and don’t fully understand the full range of services they can access if they use an insurance broker. (You help with claims?….ummm….yes! WOW! I did not know that!).

What we offer

Expert Advice

As Qualified Professional Insurance Brokers, we work for our clients, not insurers. We spend a lot of time each year doing professional development and this really does equate to benefits for you.  We make sure we’re keeping up to date with the latest in the insurance industry and insurance product development. We help you save time by researching, negotiating and arranging your insurance. We can often negotiate lower prices for our clients and help keep your insurance cost effective over time. We help keep your insurance cost effective over the years. We help you feel confident that you have the right insurance cover for your business, whatever your insurance needs might be.

The right cover

We talk to a range of different business owners in lots of industries and take the time to understand whatever unique risks you have and work out the levels of cover you need. This means we can tailor a policy to protect against all your major risks. You can feel confident you’re properly protected. One of the most important things about working in regional communities is that we have to live, work and socialise with the people we look after. We have to build strong relationships and make sure we look after people and their risks with a long term view.

Claims Assistance

Our role as a claims advocate for our clients really is the ultimate moment of truth for our services. We have looked after approximately 1100 claims in the last 8 years with around $1o million paid out in claims, with $1.5 million being our largest claims payout in that time. We understand how important it is to have a positive claims outcome and we work with insurers and third parties all the time to make sure our clients have the positive outcome they expect from their insurance.

Get an Insurance Expert on Your Team

We understand insurance. We passionate about our job, we love our industry and we understand the importance of what we do. Our number one job is to help protect what’s important to you, whether that’s your assets, income or lifestyle. We understand our industry is constantly evolving and we’re always learning new things to keep abreast of what’s happening within our industry. Risks change according to the weather, the market, government policy and ongoing regulation changes…it really is a constantly evolving thing. This means we need to keep abreast of all things insurance and make sure you get the best cover and price for your needs.

We’ve joined the largest group of insurance brokers in Australasia, the Steadfast Group. This means you can benefit from the strength and security that comes from this level of scale, along with the high level of personal service we provide all of our clients. We leverage the support of our network for your added benefit.


If you’d like to discuss your specific needs or chat to someone about how to get a Steadfast Broker on your team, give us a call today. We’d love to help protect what’s important to you!