When purchasing any insurance policy, it is important to to use insurance calculators like those below to make sure the sum insured is correct. To calculate your Home Insurance, you need to be aware of the gross size of the building(s) in square metres, and include any outbuildings/improvements.

When considering the value of your contents insurance, think about the entire contents of your home and having to replace everything in it – including your clothes and shoe collection, your kitchen items and linen, children’s electronic games and toys, the camping gear and tools – not just the big ticket items that immediately spring to mind like your digital big screen LCD TV or leather lounge suite.

Home Building Calculator

Helps you determine a quick and accurate estimate of the replacement cost of your home. When you click on the link a pop up window will appear allowing you to start entering information about your home. At the end of the process you can print out a quick PDF report on the replacement value of your home.

Sum Insured Home Contents Calculator

Written in plain English; you can calculate a quick estimate of the replacement costs of your valuable home contents. This gives you instant access to the home contents calculator facility. This calculator also comes with a PDF report facility.