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Associations Liability Insurance provides protection to the association and not-for-profit organisation against legal liability which it may incur through the conduct of its activities or the provision of services.

As well as protecting the association against the threat of litigation, Association Liability Insurance can protect the directors/office bearers, management, or committee members of the association against legal liability that they may incur personally through the performance of their duties to the association.

Not being exempt from legal action, charitable associations and not-for-profit organisations can be subject to substantial claims regardless of the goodwill intended. Whilst many members of community groups, not-for-profit organisations, and clubs are voluntary, their roles and the actions that occur within these Clubs and Associations means that the assets of both the Association and Directors could be subject to claims.

Did you know?

Many businesses think it won’t happen to them, but statistics show otherwise. In fact,

  • the likelihood of a claim that could be covered by a Management Liability policy has tripled in the last 5 years, with 50% of notifications resulting in a claim

  • the most common claims are for employment practices like bullying, harassment and wrongful dismissal

  • major claims by amount relate to crime – including employee fraud

We can tailor insurance to your organisation’s unique mission and activities. This can include cover for the following:

  • Professional Indemnity cover for allegations of incorrect Professional advice

  • Association Liability cover for claims against the association

  • Office Bearer’s Liability cover and association reimbursement for claims against directors, officers and employees of the association

  • Employment Practice Liability such as wrongful dismissal or discrimination claims against members

  • Representation expenses at official investigations or inquiries

  • Fidelity cover

  • Tax Audit

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