Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance provides cover against the risks associated with the building and construction industry, including civil, commercial and residential construction projects. If you have a business that owns, runs or manages any type of building and construction site or undertakes renovation/alteration projects, you’ll need protection for major contingencies before, during or after project completion.

We can provide you with:

  • Flexible policies – Talk to us about cover for a specific contract or choose an annual policy that covers multiple contracts
  • Wide cover – Construction Insurance can include public liability risk, and can cover a range of structures including kit homes, straw bale and mud brick homes.

Cover for the Construction Industry

Designed for small, medium or large sized commercial, industrial and domestic builders as well as owner builders and sub-contractors who run their own projects on the side. While Public Liability generally covers you for property damage or personal injury caused due to your negligence, Contract Works Insurance is broader and can include subcontractor liability, products liability and liability for some of the things outside of your control.

Cover to protect your business

There’s no such thing as a standard policy so, depending on the policy, Contract Works Insurance can cover:

  • Damaged Property – Loss or damage to the insured construction project from such perils as fire, storm, or malicious damage.
  • Public and Products Liability and Extra Costs – Third Party Personal Injury or property damage, as well as extra costs like replacing builder’s tools, escalation and removal fees
  • Natural Disasters – Cover for cyclones, bushfires, earthquakes, fire, flood and water damage, subsidence and landslip, storm, tsunami and wind

Types of Cover

  • Annual Policy – This type of policy covers all your construction projects for the year. The insurer will want to know the expected value of the contracts you will be undertaking and some detail about each construction project.

  • Single Project Policy – This policy is similar to a public liability policy, however it provides additional cover for those running their own projects including property damage or personal injury to others, loss or damage to your project due to fire, storm and a range of other risks and loss or damage to materials on the work site.

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