Steadfast Insurance Brokers Partnership

Strength in Partnership: Benefits of a Steadfast Insurance Broker on Your Team

Strength in Partnership: Benefits of a Steadfast Insurance Broker

Part of the strength of our partnership with Steadfast is the quality and extent of insurer and underwriter partnerships. Steadfast’s insurance partners include some of the world’s leading names in insurance. We are not exclusively aligned with any particular insurer which means our clients are provided the policy most suited to them.

The Steadfast Group is an integral part of the insurance environment. Streadfast are in constant dialogue with leaders in the insurance industry to find ways to improve the insurance landscape so that insurers and service providers better understand the needs of clients. It means Steadfast broker clients benefit from our involvement as Steadfast align the interests of all those in the industry.

The Steadfast group work with providers of services like insurers, underwriters, wholesale brokers, premium funders and specialist insurance providers both in Australia and internationally.

Leading Names in Insurance

Our strategic partners include some of the world’s leading names in insurance. Strength when you need it – all this combined gives us as your Steadfast broker a voice within the industry that helps you secure the best insurance solutions and outcomes available. As a group we’ve forged relationships with local and international insurance industry providers and now negotiate with more than 150 major insurance groups and niche suppliers. Take a look at Steadfast’s insurance partners here.

How does this benefit you?

When dealing with Reg Leis Insurance Services (a Steadfast broker), you benefit from our relationships – through competitive pricing, best in class coverage and policy support services and unique products not available to the public. Unlike some insurance providers – we are not exclusively aligned with any particular insurer. This means we as Steadfast insurance brokers have access a wide choice of products and make sure our clients get the cover that suits their business.

About Steadfast

In 1996, 43 privately owned insurance brokerages joined forces, united in the belief that quality advice and service were paramount in the insurance industry.  With that Steadfast was born, an Australian owned and operated enterprise. Today Steadfast are the largest general insurance broker network in Australasia with growing operations in Asia and Europe. The network comprises of over 360 brokerages with over 1,300 offices across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Steadfast is an ASX 200 listed company, a market leader in our industry and an innovator in insurance broking. True to their original charter, Steadfast exists to drive an insurance broker network that provides unique professional services and advice to its clients. The Steadfast Group looks after over 2.3 million policies for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

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Does your business have the right cover?

Starting a small business in Australia requires careful planning and adherence to legal requirements. For any business insurance needs, speak first to a qualified practicing insurance broker to understand the products that are right for you and your business. Our experts will work with you to ensure your business has the right cover, should the unexpected happen.