El Nino Prepared for an Emergency

Are you prepared for an emergency?

If you were facing an emergency at home, would you be prepared?

Every year Australians face a range of hazards, including bushfires, cyclones, floods and severe storms. We all share responsibility for not just being prepared for disasters but also building a community that is resilient to nature’s ongoing challenges.

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen before you think about how you and your family are going to manage and survive. As we have seen recently, conditions can change very quickly and emergency personnel may not be in a position to give immediate assistance. You may need to rely on the supplies and equipment you have at home.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) recommend you follow these 4 steps to help ensure you and your family are as prepared as possible.

  1. Prepare your emergency plan
  2. Prepare your emergency and evacuation kits
  3. Prepare your home
  4. Tune in to warnings

QFES also have a Get Ready Guide which can help you prepare your emergency plan, emergency and evacuation kits and your home for the type of disasters which can affect your area. The Qld Rural Fire Service also have a Bushfire Survival Plan you can create online for you and your family.

QFES are putting the message out to Queenslanders to be prepared for a long and busy bushfire season. With more grass and vegetation and drier conditions, QFES are advising we are likely to experience a heightened fire risk over the coming months. QFES continually assess conditions that may give rise to increased bushfire potential to ensure they are prepared and have noted with caution that the current rainfall and temperature outlooks show an increased likelihood of warmer and drier conditions during bushfire season.

QFES are encouraging people to familiarise themselves with bushfire warnings and where to access important information needed during emergencies. They’d like everyone to have a plan, to know when they will leave their homes and where they will go, to consider the best route to take and the items they’ll need in their emergency kits.

Now is the time to prepare, clean up around your home and yard and to make sure there are fire breaks around the house and any other buildings or assets on the property. An important part of your preparation is to have adequate insurance in place for your home and assets. If you’d like to talk to an insurance broker, you can contact us here.

The work you do preparing now can make a real difference during an emergency.


Image credit: QFES

Published On: November 11th, 2019Categories: Reg Leis Insurance Services, Risk Management

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